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1941 4101-149 Yellow Coach &The Project The Sage on 22 Oct 2019

4101-149 Restoration by the numbers

I bought a Greyhound Bus

I have been a Volkswagen guy since 1992 when I purchased my 1977 Westfalia Bus.  Since then I have owned over 25 of them. I love the simplicity and the logic of these vehicles.  But time goes on, and I hit 50 this year, so it is time to move to something different.  In the late 1930’s Raymond Loewy (famous for designing the Coke bottle) was hired to design a sleek art deco bus and the PDG4101 and PDG3701 were born. I have been in love with these buses since about 2005 when I scrolled the web looking for crazy projects.  14 years later, I pulled the trigger and bought a 1941, 4101-149 Yellow Coach (later to become the GMC PD3751).  This is a timeline of my relationship with this bus… 

Timeline of Restoration

9/23/2019 Purchase of Bus

9/27-29/2019 Blytheville Bus Rally

9/30/2019 Inspect bus for the first time

10/10 – 20/2019 Restoration Marathon One (See Playlist)

On-Going Budget


1941 4101-149 Yellow Coach &The Project The Sage on 20 Oct 2019

The 1941 PDG4101 Yellow Coach Greyhound Bus

In September of 2019, after looking at them since 2005, I purchased a Greyhound bus. This is the tale of the first 10 days working on it…